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Rhubarb Pannacotta with Fried Custard

Serves x 4

100ml - Rhubarb puree

150ml - Guernsey Dairy whipping cream

150ml - Guernsey Dairy full fat milk

50g - Caster sugar

1 - Vanilla pod (split lengthways)

125g - Soft Guernsey goats cheese

25g - Poached rhubarb

1.5 - Gelatine leaves


Fried Custard

600ml - Guernsey Dairy milk

90g - Caster sugar

1 - Vanilla pod (split lengthways)

25g - Corn flour

2 - Free range eggs

Place the leaf gelatine into a small bowl with half of the cold Rhubarb Puree. Leave to soften for several minutes.


To poach the rhubarb, firstly peel the stalks with a vegetable peeler. Cut into batons and lightly poach in a little stock syrup and set aside.


Bring the milk and cream to boiling point with the sugar and vanilla pod.


Remove from heat, discard the vanilla pod and pour the hot liquid onto the Rhubarb Puree with the added gelatine and stir until the gelatine has dissolved.


Whisk the soft goats’ cheese into the hot cream mixture and pour onto the remaining rhubarb puree before pouring through a fine sieve.


Allow to cool before adding the prepared and poached Rhubarb and spooning the cooled mixture into desired moulds.


Chill for at least two hours.


Turn out from the moulds by briefly immersing the moulds into hot water.


Serve with Deep Fried Custard.



Fried Custard

Drop the vanilla pod into the milk and bring to boil.


Whilst heating the milk whisk together the eggs, corn flour and sugar.


Add the hot milk and stir thoroughly before returning to a clean saucepan.


Place over a low heat and allow to ‘cook out’ gently whilst continually stirring with a wooden spoon until the Custard thickens almost to a paste. Remove from the heat and pass through a fine sieve using a spatula if necessary.


Place the cooked custard onto a flat tray and spread to a thickness of approx. 1 cm. Cover with cling film and allow to cool. Once the paste has set and chilled cut into desired shapes. Dip each shape into sieved flour, followed by beaten Egg mixture and finally Ground Almonds.


Deep fry in vegetable oil prior to serving with Rhubarb Panacotta and Fresh Strawberries.




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