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Mussels with Rocquette Cider,

Guernsey Cream & Coriander

Serves x 4

150ml - Guernsey Dairy whipping cream

250ml - Rocquette Cider

6 - Shallots (finely diced)

1 - Garlic clove (crushed)

25g - Fresh Guernsey parsley

75g - Fresh Guernsey coriander

25ml - Olive oil

10g - Chopped chilli (Optional)

Sea salt

Freshly ground white pepper

Scrub mussels under running water, removing the beard and scraping off any barnacles. Ensure the mussels are closed. Discard any mussel which may be broken or open. Drain the mussels in a colander, cover with a cool damp cloth and reserve in the refrigerator until required.


Heat the Rocquette Cider in a separate saucepan and set aside keeping it hot.


To cook the mussels heat a large heavy based saucepan on a high heat. Add the olive oil, diced shallots and crushed garlic. Stir for a few seconds before adding the mussels and hot cider. Ensure the shallots are evenly dispersed. Place a tight fitting lid on the saucepan. Increase the heat and cook for approx. 3 minutes, giving the saucepan an occasional shake. When they have opened, remove from the saucepan with a spoon or pour through a spoon or pour through a sieve and place the mussels into serving bowls. Return the cider liquid to the heat, add the Guernsey Cream and boil rapidly to reduce the accompanying sauce. While this is reducing check all the mussels have opened. If any have not, discard them immediately. Add finely chopped chilli at this stage if desired, followed by freshly picked and chopped Coriander leaves and parsley. Serve immediately with fresh bread and Guernsey Butter.




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